We Offer New Home Construction on Your Land in Washington

Building Your Dream Home on Your Land: Expert New Home Construction Services Across Washington by Our Skilled Team at Taxdahl.

About New Construction

Does your current residence not quite hit the mark anymore? Or are you dreaming of preparing something entirely new on a vacant lot? Dive into your home-building journey with Taxdahl Construction, your go-to for top-tier new home construction near me in Washington.

Leave the heavy lifting to the experts, but that does not mean you are out of the driver’s seat! The market is full of architectural styles and products – a little too much choice, right?

That’s where working with a local, reliable contractor comes into play. It’s like having a GPS for your home-building road trip, helping you avoid any headaches while making the big decisions.
Designing and building your own space is not an everyday affair. It is a milestone! And that calls for a construction partner that’s trustworthy and knows their stuff inside out.

Based in Washington, we take pride in delivering stellar new home construction. Our promise? Your project will be on schedule, within budget, and as flawless as possible.

Our Process

Step 1


Contact us, and we will jump into consultancy sessions! You will map out floor plans, set a budget, and share your vision for your dream home. Bring all your wild and beautiful ideas - once we start building, it's trickier to change the design.

Step 2

The Big Decision

Now, things get exciting. We will draft a detailed floor plan for your approval. Mark your calendar with construction dates, but first double-check every detail – your dream home deserves nothing less!

Step 3


The building phase might stretch over months, depending on your home's size and design complexity. It's a compelling ride, watching your dream home take shape. We will keep you posted every step of the way so you are aware of the progress.

Step 4


Post-construction, it's all about choosing paint, fixtures, and those final touches that transform a house into your home. We are here to guide you in picking and installing elements that overwhelm you and your guests.

Step 5

Moving in

The moment you have been waiting for - moving into your self-designed shelter! Once settled, chat with our team about maintaining your home's fresh condition, especially the essentials like roofing and siding.

New Residential Home Construction Contractor

Imagine entering a unique home prepared with a mixture of humor and expertise – that’s what we bring to the table. At Taxdahl Construction, we have been builders and creators of family memories since 2014. Our secret ingredient? An energy of family values mixed with construction know-how.

Here, the homes we build are like snowflakes; no two are the same. We handle everything from the ground up – foundations are our thing and add flair to that final paintbrush.

You are not just another client to us; you are family. That’s why we promise no hair-pulling moments, clock-watching delays, and no “oops, didn’t see that coming” situations. Need to begin your dream home journey? Call us at 360-708-5851.

What To Expect From Us

1. Expert Technicians

The coolest part about Taxdahl Construction? We are stacked with top-notch experts in custom new home construction. Skilled artisans who have been around the block, not just once but multiple times. They bring a wealth of experience, not just book smarts, to your dream project. We stick to safety rules like glue to prevent even the hint of mishaps.

2. Excellent Materials

Facing the headache of rotting property materials is a common nightmare for homeowners, often due to cheap wood and bad furnishings. But relax! 

We have got a secret store of top-notch, durable materials, ensuring your house stands strong for decades – think of it as a fortress against time. With us, you are not just building a house; you’re crafting a legacy.

Ready to Experience Taxdahl Work Difference?

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On average, constructing a new home in Washington state will set you back $449,000. This figure represents a ballpark estimate, capturing the heart of building costs in the area.

Utah takes the lead in new home construction across the United States. This state has become a buzzing hub for fresh residential developments.

In Washington state, it’s generally more cost-effective to buy a house. The average buying price is around $414,200 while building a new one averages about $449,000.

Framing stands out as the most expensive aspect of new home construction. This crucial phase lays the structural foundation and shapes the entire project.

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