Washington's Premier Builders: Custom Homes Made on Your Lot

Experience the standard of personalized home building in Washington. Our expert team brings your unique vision to reality, ensuring every detail is made to your lot and lifestyle.

Custom Home Builders in WA

We are a dynamic home-building team in Washington dedicated to crafting new homes near me with quality, clear communication, and top-tier customer support.

Bringing a wealth of expertise to the table, we guide the difficulties of planning, permits, and design like experts. Our approach? We are putting fun into every step with our clients because building your dream home should be as enjoyable as it is impressive.

With us, it is not just about the bricks and beams; it’s about bringing your design to reality with a touch of joy and a foundation of trust.

Prompt Delivery, Budget-Friendly, Zero Surprises

Are you going on a custom home journey? Begin here, not with an architect, nor on your property. For years, we have been home builders in Washington State. Our small yet skilled team specializes in architecture, project management, and construction.

We promise a process that is as drama-free as your favorite sitcom yet as serious as your family’s future. With our expertise, your dream home is not just a vision; it’s a guaranteed reality within your budget. 

Site Development and Utilities

Getting your dream home started is our thing. Our team’s got the know-how to prep your site. We will tackle everything from clearing out old stuff (bye-bye, old buildings!) to getting rid of the mess.

Our crew and trusted mates handle the dirt moving, digging, and even the road stuff. Also, we have got the hookups – literally. We line up your water, power, and sewer connections. Need a well or a septic system? Consider it done. And about those fire sprinklers – if you need them, we install them. We will tell you straight up what it will cost to turn your lot into your spot – from the ground-up work to the final touches.

Why Choose Us

Turn-Key Option

Imagine you are sitting on your couch, dreaming of your perfect home. Guess what? We have got you covered every step of the way. From dreaming up the blueprints to turning the key in your new front door, we handle it all.

This includes designing, getting permits, setting up utilities, building roads, clearing land, and even construction. Imagine a brand new home prepared just for you, and you did not have to lift a finger.

Design-Build Flexibility

Got a sketch or a dream? Share it with us, and we will incorporate it into a living space that is as comfortable as your favorite hoodie. Our team is not just skilled – they are visionaries ready to turn your daydreams into your everyday life.

Transparent Accounting

Taxdahl Construction is all about keeping it real and transparent. We track every cent with our shared tech. Our books? They are an open diary for you. There are no markups or secret profits here.

Ready to Experience Taxdahl ConstructionWork Difference?

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Yes, buying a house in Washington is relatively expensive, with the average home value sitting at $562,290. This reflects the state’s thriving real estate market and desirable locations.

Obtaining a building permit in Washington usually takes about 10 business days. This timeframe can be influenced by the specifics of the project and local regulations.

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