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With years of hands-on expertise, a commitment to excellence, and a determined focus on meeting the needs of homeowners, we have emerged as the leading accessory dwelling unit builder in Washington. From discovering the reasons behind choosing Taxdahl Construction to guiding the complexities of the process, we are here to make your ADU dreams a reality.

Get into our wide range of services, whether constructing an ADU in your backyard or elsewhere on your property, and see why Taxdahl stands out as the trusted name for your Washington accessory dwelling unit project.

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), often called granny flats or in-law suites, are the latest gossip in urban living. These compact homes, typically no more significant than 800 square feet, are popping up in backyards alongside primary residences, offering a cozy and affordable alternative to traditional housing.

Back in the day, these structures were the household icons, serving as storage spaces or makeshift quarters for staff, much like today’s garages. Fast forward to the present, and ADUs are all the rage, especially in busy cities like Washington. They are an intelligent solution for nuclear families aiming for 250 square feet per person, starkly contrasting Yore’s sprawling 2500 square feet homes.

The beauty of an ADU lies in its versatility. Whether you opt for a separate mini-mansion or an extension of your main house, these dwellings provide much-needed extra space without moving. 

Types of ADUs in Washington

Some of the common structural forms of Additional dwelling units Architecture are:

Detached new construction ADUs

These are standalone units, also known as backyard cottages or granny flats, offering complete privacy from the main house. They are perfect for those looking to add a comfortable, separate living space without sacrificing their green area.

Transforming a garage into a bedroom or living area creates what’s known as a garage apartment or carriage house. It’s a smart way to maximize space without infringing on your outdoor oasis.

Attached ADU

Accessory dwelling unit builders have crafted a cozy extension to your main home, perfect for family or friends. This add-on, usually near the basement, transforms your space into a welcoming abode.

Internal ADUs

Internal ADU is a relaxing space within your home’s existing layout. Fancy an upstairs retreat? The Upstairs ADU awaits, located on your home’s upper level or atop a second-floor addition. And let’s remember the Basement ADU, your underground shelter, transforming your basement into a living space.

Basement Conversion ADUs

It becomes a comfortable living area by creatively transforming the basement space with smart construction and energy-saving methods. These basement units go by various names, including apartment basements, granny flats, in-law suites, secondary suites, English basements, and accessory apartments. 

Accessory Dwelling Unit vs Room Addition

Are you thinking about expanding your living space? Consider an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). These structures can be attached or separate from your main house, offering a complete mini-home with a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living area. Perfect for guests, rentals, or even a pool house!

Conversely, a room addition means adding more space to your existing home. It is all about enlarging areas like the kitchen or master bedroom or adding an extra bedroom or bathroom. And if you are feeling ambitious, why not add another story?

Both options have extras, but it is all about what works best for your home and lifestyle. If you are looking for an accessory dwelling unit contractor, choose Taxdahl Construction.

Taxdahl Construction's ADU Development Process in Washington

Let us guide you from the beginning to the end. Trust us as your reliable builders. Transform your life in just 5 steps with an ADU or Garage Conversion!

1. Create ADU Blueprints

If you are a homeowner in Washington, you must get your ADU project plans checked out by the local building and safety department. You have brought detailed drawings and precise measurements for new builds. If your project has many moving parts, you should work with a licensed architect to ensure everything’s on point.

2. Get Permits

Transform your garage into a restful living space, legally named an accessory dwelling unit (ADU), complementing your main residence. Taxdahl Construction is your guide for the permit problems.

3. Build ADU or Garage Conversion

Once we have the green light with permits, we will lock in our Construction Contract, detailing your budget and the expected timeline. Next, we dive into bringing your ADU or Garage Makeover to life. We are all about keeping you updated regularly, whether a daily ping or a weekly roundup. After all, this exciting transformation is happening right in your backyard!

Your project’s price tag and timeline will vary based on how big you want to go and the special features you choose.

Did you know? Adding an ADU or converting your garage can increase your property’s value by $100,000. Plus, depending on your home’s location, you could rake in an extra $10,000 to $50,000 in rental income each year.

4. Complete Finishes

Did you know you can convert your garage into a cool living space in Washington? With us, we have your back every step of the way, ensuring you go through the permit process. So, get ready to add some flair to your place.

5. Renting out the Unit

Local regulations in Washington empower cities to decide if ADUs can pop up on short-term rental platforms like Airbnb. Opting for more extended rental periods can save you from many headaches.

Homeowners building an ADU to chip away at their mortgage are hitting two targets with one arrow.

Our Process is Designed to Reduce Risk

Building a self-sufficient home in your backyard is not just a project but a smart move for your property’s future. In the dynamic world of ADUs (accessory dwelling units), teaming up with an expert who gets your long-term goals and knows the ins and outs of the regulations is a game-changer from the get-go to the grand finale.

At Taxdahl Construction, we have a foolproof method that avoids common problems. We map out, craft strategies, and pull off the plan, ensuring your backyard ADU is not just a building but a rock-solid investment for the years ahead

Why Hire Taxdahl Construction

Taxdahl Construction’s ADUs are custom-made, top-notch, and built with traditional craftsmanship. We are your experts for the entire project, boasting years of experience preparing residential homes. 

We champion ADUs because we have witnessed their incredible impact on homeowners’ lives, their families, and the lasting value of their estates.

Opting for a local ADU builder like Taxdahl Construction means placing your project in expert hands and becoming familiar with the area’s nuances. Our profound grasp of local rules, zoning regulations, and community vibes enables us to design integrated ADUs. 

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An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is an additional residential building that occupies the same lot as a primary residence.

An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in Washington State is a small, self-contained residential unit on the same lot as an existing single-family home.

Accessory dwelling units are accessory apartments, secondary suites, and granny flats.

One drawback of an ADU is its limited living space compared to a traditional home.

State ADU law does not limit the number of bedrooms an ADU can have.

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