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Discover top-notch craftsmanship with our house framing services in Washington, where precision meets durability to shape your dream home.

Interior Framing

Are you venturing on a home makeover or adding a new section to your place? Interior Framing by Taxdahl Construction is your go-to for a rock-solid foundation. We are not just any contractor; we are licensed, bonded, and total experts at shaping your interior.

Think walls, ceilings, and everything in between. Our team’s got the recipe to take your space from bare bones to fully decked out—framing, drywall, paint, and those finishing touches that make it all happen.

Exterior Framing

Need a fix or a fresh residential house framing service for your roof? You may be expanding your home and need a new top. At Taxdahl Construction, we are not just good at exterior framing; we are the pros!

The excellent structure spans your room, holding your roof. Our team? They are like the Avengers of roofs, ensuring yours is as sturdy as a fortress. We do not just stop there; we use top-notch CertainTeed products to wrap up your roof’s frame. The result? A roof frame that laughs in the face of weather, promising you safety and style for years.

Framing Services for Every Situation

Building something new is one of many times you will hear the sounds of framing work. We do not just make new frames; our crew also gets their hands dirty in flood and fire restoration. Imagine you have a burned or soaked wall – our team’s the one you call for a framing fix-up.

And for those dreaming of a home makeover, thinking of shuffling walls around? Our framing experts are the ones making it happen. In Washington, our house framing contractors are

Framing Replacement Service

Do you think house framing is just for new builds? Think again. Post-disaster, like a flood or fire, house framing service near me might be your next search.

If you have smartly picked us for disaster control and restoration, trust us to recover your home’s precious structure, including its framing, as much as possible.

Your home’s wall plates, floor panels, or even ceiling and door structures have faced the brunt of disaster. It is time for new framing when the damage is too heavy to fix.

Usually, disaster hits certain home areas hard, calling for a replacement of the compromised framing while keeping what’s still good. This is not your regular DIY project – it demands specialized tools, know-how, and a deep dive into the disaster’s backstory.

What Do We Specialize In

  • Custom Home Framing – Imagine your dream home taking shape with our custom framing. We prepare each frame with top-notch materials and cutting-edge methods, ensuring your house is not just built; it’s sculpted to your idea.
  • Roof Framing Solutions – Our roof framing expertise covers all bases, whether a cozy bungalow or a sprawling corporate building. We mix simplicity and complexity to create roofs.
  • Shed Framing – Need a sturdy shed? We have got you covered. Our sheds are not just storage spaces; they are built with the finest materials, ensuring they stand firm and stylish in your backyard.
  • Deck Framing – Decks are more than wood and nails; they are where memories are made. Our team excels in crafting decks that are durable and add charm and character to your outdoor spaces.
  • Home Additions – Thinking of expanding your nest? We are here to frame your dreams, no matter the size or style of your home. 

What Makes Us Different From Other House Framing Contractors

  • Why We are the Go-To House Framing Contractor in Washington: Unlike the rest, our team rocks at making your house framing experience unforgettable.
  • Craftsmanship & Customer Care: We are skilled and obsessed with perfection. Every nail, every beam – we make sure it is top-notch.
  • High-Tech Building Methods: We are all about the new-age build. Think cutting-edge tech and materials that make your house as sturdy as a rock.
  • Services: We have everything from custom designs to fixing old frames and giving your house a framing facelift.
  • Our Team’s Secret Sauce: With years under our belt and a talent for fixing it every time, we are the dream makers.


Framing your dream home’s cost hinges on labor and materials. Typically, it ranges between $7 to $16 per square foot, fluctuating based on material choice and local labor rates.

House framing involves assembling the vertical and horizontal structures that form the backbone of exterior walls and interior partitions, essentially shaping your home.

Yes! Investing in custom framing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your items and safeguards them from environmental factors like light and dust.

The foundation often tops the expense chart in home construction, requiring significant investment due to its critical role in structural integrity.

Typically, framing a house is a month-long journey, laying the structural skeleton that transforms blueprints into reality.

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