Window Replacement & Installation in Washington

Upgrade Your Washington Home with Our Expert Window Replacement and Installation Services – Imroving Style and Energy Efficiency with Every Project.

In Washington, residents often find themselves knocking on the door of window Installation services. We are a crew that has seen it all when it comes to windows—those slippery glass panes love to act up! It’s a fact that messy windows can drag down a building’s charm.

Also, let’s not forget the devastation they bring on keeping out noise and maintaining your home’s cozy, energy-efficient vibe. Taxdahl Construction is your go-to window fixer. We have the skills to make your window problems disappear without you lifting a finger.

Signs You Should Call Us For Window Installation Near me Washington

In Washington, when your windows start acting up, remember these signs:

  • Sill or frame installation gone wrong.
  • Window fittings looking tired from overuse.
  • Need help with stubborn doors? That’s on the list.
  • Windows gives you the cold shoulder with drafts and loose sashes.
  • Is it a broken window handle or a limiter that’s given up?
  • Are jammed fittings making your window sash immovable?
  • Is the window handle playing hard to get?
  • Wood profiles bending out of shape or showing their age with rot? 
  • Glass units not quite holding it together?
  • Sill and frame in pieces? 

Update Your Existing Home Windows By Replacing Them With Affordable Window Alternatives

Are you searching for window Installation options near me that do not break the bank? Great news! Taxdahl Construction revolutionizes how you shop for replacement windows, offering a simple experience.

Call us! Instant access to various local window experts explicitly tailored for your area. This way, you are assured of grabbing a fantastic deal for your window makeover and benefit from the knowledge of seasoned experts. 

Investing And Saving With Double-Pane Home Windows

Gone are the days of single-pane windows – they are a thing of the past. Sure, they might save you a few bucks at the store, but when it comes to your energy bills are no friend of your wallet. Double-pane windows, on the other hand, are a budget-friendly option for your home.

They battle against harsh weather, keep out the annoying pollution and insects, and save you a pretty penny over time. You will feel the benefits straight away.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) sets the rules for these high-standard double-pane windows. So, if your windows have that excellent “NFRC” label, you have hit the jackpot in window quality.

Remember those older windows with single or multiple panes? They were filled with gases like krypton and argon to increase their R-values, which measure how well they resist heat loss. A higher R-value means your house stays more comfortable temperature-wise. 

Window Screen Installation in Washington

Imagine chilling with your windows open, absorbing the sun without the bug-buzzkill. That’s where insect screens step in – your shield against the creepy crawlies.

Hit a rough patch with your screens? Maybe a storm showdown. Worry not! Taxdahl Construction offers a fix with our top-notch, made-in-the-USA screens. We have covered you, whether fiberglass, polyester, or aluminum. Choose from various meshes, colors, and features to find your home’s perfect match!

Are you thinking of adding screens to fend off bugs or to keep your home cooler when it’s sizzling outside? Just shout out to us below. We will ensure your “window glass replacement near me” search ends with a smile and relief!


Home Window Installation Services


Spotted moisture between your window panes? That’s a seal break, slashing your home’s energy-savvy and clouding your view. No worries – we will patch that seal or swap out the IGU, keeping your view clear and your bills low.

Shattered Panes

Cracked glass or a wrecked sash? Our glass experts are on it. With their keen eye and a steady hand, they will fix up your window, making ‘first time’s the charm’ their slogan.

Funky Frames Fixed Right

Those frames that hug your windows can get knocked around by the elements. We will get that frame back in shape, whether leak damage or weather wear, ensuring your window works smoothly.

Gadgetry in Windows

 Got a modern window with a stubborn lock or a cranky crank lever? Our experts know all those window widgets.


Immediately secure the area to prevent injury. If it’s a small crack, cover it with tape to prevent further damage. For more significant breaks, safely remove loose glass and cover the window with plastic or cardboard until professional repair.

Start by carefully removing the broken glass. Then, measure the pane and cut a new glass piece to size. Secure the new glass with glazing points and apply a glazing compound around the edges. Let it dry before painting the frame.

If the cost to repair your broken window exceeds your insurance deductible, then filing a claim might be beneficial. Consider the repair cost and the impact on your future premiums before deciding.

While it’s possible, it’s best to contact a glass professional. Removing a broken pane from a double-pane window requires specific tools and techniques to ensure safety and maintain the window’s efficiency.

Yes, replacing just one pane of glass in a window is possible. However, ensure that the new pane matches the specifications of the existing one for optimal performance and aesthetics.

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