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Home Improvement & Renovation

Based in the heart of Washington, we are not just any contractor but your team for transforming houses into dream homes. From the first hammer swing to those final artistic flourishes, we make your home modern and a statement of your unique style and comfort. And we have got the experience and skills to back it up, ensuring every project meets the highest standards.

Why Choose Us

Think of us at Taxdahl Construction as your wise fellows on this journey. Our secret sauce is intelligent planning to ensure everything’s spot on, within your budget, and with zero dull moments. We are all about top-notch quality; think premium materials without the mess. Are you eyeing some fresh windows, or do you need those gutters done? Call us.

Top to Bottom Renovations

Weather, debris, and time can be tough on your home’s exterior. You notice it. Windows look old-school, the paint’s not popping anymore, and the roof? Let’s not even go there. But moving is a headache you do not need. So, what’s the solution to your place without losing your cool?

Enter Taxdahl Construction, your go-to for a complete makeover of your Washington home exterior. Handling a significant revamp? It would help if you had a crew that’s up for it. That’s us. 

We’re talking paint jobs, fix-ups, and even decking your porches and patios. You know who to call if you are searching for an exterior designer near me!

The Home Makeover Process

Want an exterior makeover? It’s a big deal, and we get that. Our goal? To make the whole process smooth, collaborative, and super efficient for you.

  • A no-cost, at-home chat with our exterior designer near me squad.
  • We will dive into what parts of your home need a facelift, offering our two cents on color choices and materials – 90% of homeowners prefer a splash of color!
  • Next, we measure up your space and serve a quote you can count on. We are all in once you give the green light, transforming your home’s exterior into something from a magazine.

Which Exterior Design Services Are Right for Your Washington Home

Have you ever thought about giving your home’s exterior a fresh vibe? You might need to realize how siding styles, trims, and colors can revamp your place. That’s where Taxdahl Construction steps in. Here’s what we do:

  • Seamlessly integrate new siding with your existing roofing, gutters, and windows.
  • Navigate the do’s and don’ts of your local historic and conservation areas.
  • Pick shades and styles that match your trees and greenery.
  • Show you excellent mock-ups with different siding choices.
  • Ensure your ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Unit) exterior is balanced with your main house.
  • Check and update front and other entry doors, plus windows.
  • Construct new railings, decks, porches, entrances, or patio covers.

Advantages of Home Exterior Renovation

  • Update your place with a relaxed new vibe – it’s like giving your place a total makeover!
  • Cut those annoying energy bills with our eco-friendly home upgrade. 
  • Bid farewell to endless care. Our latest materials have you covered with next-to-no maintenance.
  • Boost your home’s resale value. 
  • Step up your home’s defense game with upgraded windows and doors. Thieves? Not on our watch!
  • Streamline how you and your guests get in and out. It’s all about making life smoother.

Backyard Transformation

Are you looking to amp up your backyard vibe? Whether for chill privacy or to host gatherings, we have got you covered with backyard makeovers for your lifestyle. Exterior remodeling turns your backyard into a super cool extension of your home.

Imagine chilling with Netflix in an outdoor TV lounge, throwing parties, developing your mini-botanical garden, or setting up the ultimate kids’ playground. Whatever floats your boat, we make it happen.


Renovating a house’s exterior involves updating its overall appearance and functionality. This can include painting, adding or updating siding, landscaping, and installing new windows or doors to enhance curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Exterior remodeling revamps a building’s outward appearance without altering its core structure. It typically includes updating finishes, casework, doors, trim, and furnishings while keeping the main walls, partitions, and structural elements unchanged.

Updating your house’s exterior on a budget can be achieved by focusing on cost-effective changes like painting, adding vibrant window trims, upgrading the front door, or implementing creative landscaping. These minor, affordable updates can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal.

Yes, you can change your house’s exterior look. Installing shutters is an effective and straightforward way to dramatically alter your home’s external appearance, offering aesthetic and functional benefits.

To update a 70s house exterior, consider replacing outdated elements with modern materials, adding contemporary siding, refreshing the paint with current color trends, and incorporating sleek, minimalist landscaping for a fresh, updated look.

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